I'M IN ANTIGUA - My first Antigua video.

MY FIRST GUATEMALAN KISS - My second video from the Antigua trilogy.

It'S JUST A CAR - Video for a song from The Cure Of Folly cd. I shot this whole thing myself - I'm lucky I didn't kill myself (or, at least, crack up the car). I was simultaneously trying to drive, focus the camera, keep it from falling, rewind and play the cd, look at the camera and, oh yeah, drive.

DETENTION - featuring young Jake as the protagonist.

REQUESTS WE'LL NEVER PLAY - Bobby and the Doctor playing at the museum (whereabouts unknown but, we're not allowed in there anymore). From the live act.

NAKED MOLE RATS - Bobby reading about tiny little creatures.

I'M NEVER DRINKING AGAIN - Video for a song from The Cure Of Folly cd. Stan Laurel playing the part of me.

ATHOLIAN MUSIC - I'm not quite sure what this is about.

WE DIDN'T START THE DIET - Video from one of the parody songs on The Best of The Bobby Darling Show cd. Just me and me hanging out together.

92806 - Inspired by a scarcely discussed news item.

GUITAR SOLO - Live performance from April, 2006, Killington, VT

Orange Blossom Special - Bobby and Doctor Divine live from upcoming "House Of Wax" DVD.

SATISFACTION - The late great Little Ricky (Don Gray) doing what he does best. 1988.

MISS YOU - Live performance, 1990.

SOMETHING STUPID - BDS live in the studio performing the poignant Nancy/Frank Sinatra classic. 1994.