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HOUSE OF WAX - the first live Bobby Darling and Dr. Divine video. Taped February 15 at Chandlers Restaurant at Yankee Candle in S. Deerfield, MA. Features Requests We'll Never Do, Black Magic Marker, Tijuana Taxi, Walk Don't Run, Something Stupid, Second Hand Genes, Foggy Mountain Breakdown, Dueling Tambourines, Are You Lonesome Tonight, Sukiyaki, Whistle While You Work, Orange Blossom Special and more! 60 minutes.




Our latest original CD. Songs include What Keeps Us Together, Let's Not Talk About Love, The President Song, Pull The Plug, It's Just A Car, I'm Never Drinking Again, Wallabouie's, Brown Or Blue, 92806, Welcome To The Monkey House, If I Never Met You, Geezer Blues, Get Things Done. Featuring Paul Arslanian, Chris Devine, Guy Devito,Doug Huntington, Glenn Jubilee, Natasha Jones-Sikes, Olga Jones-Sikes, Billy Klock, Billie Lada, Grace Lada, Keith Levreault, Joe Nerney, Doug Plavin, Jeff Potter, Miro Sprague and Marty Townsend.

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The Best of The Bobby Darling Show features 21 song parodies. Songs include: Black Magic Marker, Barney Must Die, Andy Was The Sheriff, The Girl With Emphysema, I Think Alone, We Didn't Start The Diet, The Longest Line, Gumby, Route 2, Bohemian Rhapsody Polka, The Brady Bill, Viagra (version 2), Mama Don't Let Your Babies...,Kennedy Girl, Gilligan's Island Blues,The Devil Went Up To Killington, In The Summertime, Honey, Old Cape Cod, Superneat, Why Don't We Do It In The Bed.




Our first all original CD. For your convenience, Great Big World is also available on-line. Just click on the Buy CD icon. While there, you can also hear more song samples before purchasing. Songs include: Great Big World, All My Heroes Are Dead, Marina, She Lets Me Give Her My Love, Waiting For You, Second Hand Genes, Rules Of Love, I'd Believe In Heaven, Flags and Borders, Don't Give Up, We Know How You Feel

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More parodies (we have plenty) plus our show stopping finale, Orange Blossom Special. Bonus - the "original" Bobby Darling live singing Touch Me in Killington, Vt. (see video clip) Songs include: Viagra (version 1), Mr. Soundman, Rogaine, Satan Doll, 50 Ways To Love Your Lever, Touch Me, and more




The DVD of The Bobby Darling Show featuring Little Ricky (Don Gray, April 7, 1951 - April 9, 2007). 27 songs from 1985 through 2006 - See list of performances

Also, interviews with Bobby and Little Ricky (2007) and special bonus track. 37 minutes. Sample.



The Cure of Folly tour 2007 Bobby Darling Show T Shirt (logo)

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