Was a time in my life when things went my way

Everything was getting better everyday

I had plenty of friends, I was on a roll

The right weight for my height, low cholesterol


No matter what I did I could do no wrong

If this was my luck I wondered how long

This luck would last, then like a bolt from above

It got even better ‘cause I fell in love


She had the prettiest smile and beautiful eyes

Had a couple of breasts, average size

She was hip, she was kind, she tuned her own car

Could even set the timer on a VCR


Everything between us was going fine

Until one night over dinner and wine

She said please sit down I've got something to say

And though she said it in a most gentle way


I could tell by her look something wasn't right

I'll never forget her words that night

Time stood still, I felt a chill to the bone

When she took my hand and said, "Honey, I'm a clone"


Said she got copied at an army base

I think she saw the look of shock on my face

‘Cause she took my hand and said couldn’t I see

That she was still very capable of loving me


And I tried to go on like I did before

I even met copies two, three and four

They were perfect clones as far as I could tell

Still I wanted to find her original cell


I knew she was out there, a person like me

Not a reproduction from a factory

And I searched every night, I searched every day

But never found her original DNA.


They say the grass is always greener and I guess that's so

I had the bird in the hand and I let her go

The clone was the true love I shouldn't have quit

Those Second Hand Genes were the perfect fit