There are moments in our lives, moments in our days

When we sometimes see the world in most unusual ways


Enjoy your day and have some fun

Weíre not here to do whatís already been done

Open your eyes

Try something new on for size

Go on and let yourself be hurled

Itís a Great Big World


Get up and dance, get up in sing

Try to sit back and enjoy this thing

Step outside the circle youíre in

Discover whatís out there comes from within


Donít reach for the prize thatís sitting on the shelf

Passing up opportunity is opportunity itself

So many things

So many brass rings

So much to be unfurled

Itís a Great Big World


Get up and fly, spread those wings

Believe in all your choices, know thereís magic in those things


Hang out with friends that are most enthused

Donít let beautiful bonds go unused

Open your eyes

Be ready for the big surprise

As weíre all being flipped and twirled

Itís a Great Big World