iT'S jUST a cAR


My daddy taught me how to drive

He said that day, boy, has arrived

Park yourself behind that wheel

I think I know just how you feel


But now before you turn that key

Sit right back, listen to me

You can go quite far

But remember It's Just A Car


Step on the gas you'll go somewhere

It's been designed to take you there

Just as important as where you go

Is how you get there, don't you know


Always signal changing lanes

Put the top up when it rains

It's not how quick, fast or far

It's the journey not the car


Porsche, Mercedes Benz and Ford

Mazda, Rambler, Rolls, Accord

Nova, Chrysler, Jeep, Capri

Lamborghini, SUV

Corvair, Kia and Peugeot

Chevy Sting Ray, GTO

Volvo, Saturn, Saab, MG

Volkswagen bus and Model T


Toyota, Plymouth, Pontiac

Crown Vic, Civic, Cadillac

Mitsubishi, Mercury

Yugo, Jag, Infinity


Lincoln, BMW

Humvie and Miata, too

Ferrari, Firebird, Fiat

Don't forget the old Dodge Dart


Anyone of these can get you far

But remember, It's Just A Car


Don't forget to change the oil

Don't let that radiator boil

Don't get caught going fast

Or let the tank run out of gas


And if you're stopping at the light

That other car looks out of sight

It's not what you drive it's who you are

After all, It's Just A Car



copyright 2004 Joe Lada