Kathy would you paint me a picture

It doesnít have to be too big


Pastels, oil, black or white

Colors made from dolomite


Make it cold, make it hot

Drip splattered paint or maybe not


A heavy brush, muted grays

Receding planes that go on for days


Monotone or multi hues,

There are no doníts, there are no dos


Kathy would you paint me a picture

Just make it five by five


Thatís the cover size of my next cd

That Iím asking you to paint for me


Calligraphy, bucolic mood

Chiaroscuro, penciled nude


Ambiguously painted space

Textured tones, a human face


Draw delicately shifts and shafts

Crazy swirls, pink paint giraffes


It will come alive and true

Kathy find the palette deep in you


Iíd have the finest cover all around

And Iíll be blue if itís not Brown


Kathy Brown



Copyright 2004 Joe Lada