He was on TV, looking straight at me

His gaze never diverted

He spoke so dear, what they wanted to hear

Preaching to the converted


He sounded good, there he stood

With every hair in place on his head

I didn't scoff, but I had to turn it off

All my heroes are dead


What do we see inherently,

When looking for a leader

If she's out there, tell me where

I'd like to meet her


I want to believe, but I'm not naive

I find myself instead

Closing my eyes, dismissing those guys

All my heroes are dead


Line 'em up

Let's hear what they've got to say

Let 'em get their two cents in

Then take them all away


Don't get me wrong, I hope someone comes along

Someone who could inspire

Integrity, strong sensibility

Someone I could admire


Double, double, toil and trouble

So eloquently said,

Bucky's gone, and so is John

All my heroes are dead